Saturday, January 20, 2018

How can I grow a Social Media Following?

Thank you, Mari Andrew, for telling it like it is.
Thank you for expressing my feelings exactly. 
Thank you for telling the truth. 
Thank you for NOT GIVING A CRAP ABOUT INSTAGRAM!! It is a beautiful social media outlet that has been tainted by narcissism and greed. I'm inundated with messages about growing your following, emails about buying followers, captions about 'click on my Frank and Oak link' to get your own beautiful cashmere cardigan, look at my beautiful outfit and my perfect blog etc.

This resonates because, I, too, struggle with comparison. I, too, would love to make some money on the side. I, too, enjoy the attention received when I post a beautiful picture, and I, too, have seriously considered quitting Instagram completely because of the pressure to be perfect. The pressure to curate my feed, to delete old posts because they aren't perfect enough, to post endless pictures of latte art and hip cafes because that's what all the popular Instagrammers do. 

I, too, desire affirmation. 

Please Lord, help me not find it on Instagram but in you alone. 

*now going to close my computer and turn off the internet for awhile*

PS. I, too, struggle to know exactly where to place those tricky commas.. haha.
PPS. I, too, need to judge less and love more.

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