DIY Christmas wrapping paper.

after I posted this photo on Instagram: a couple friends were curious how I created the gift wrapping! Thanks to the wonders of the internet there are lots of ideas out there. I simply picked up a HUGE pack of Kraft paper (the brown paper) and a few metallic sharpies (gold & silver) at Curry's Art Store. The massive pad of Kraft paper was less than 4$!!! Steal. I already had a ball of twine I had bought in preparation. Start with these basics!


Print some photos or snip a piece of evergreen to  add to your brown paper package.

Draw or stamp some branches on your package! Photo from Pinterest.

Stamp some Polka Dots! I did a lazy version of this.. I used my silver sharpie to draw circles on the package in a random (read: lazy) pattern. Photo from Pinterest.

Baker's twine also pairs very well with Kraft paper.

There are a million other options! Put a pinecone on it! Put a twig on it! Sprinkle some glitter! Can't draw? Let your kid finger paint all over your kraft paper, then let it dry and use it as wrapping paper! The sky really is the limit. Christmas wrapping doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg, and it can be fun too. :)

Merry Christmas!