the steadiest hands I've ever seen:

It's been hard, hard, hard recently. Lots of tears and days of complete uselessness. However, there is always a day of sunshine that comes along, filled with delicious baked goods and fresh spring air. And inspiration:

I stumbled upon the Sign Painter's trailer, and now I'm dying to watch it. I'm going to rent it from their website, and I can send the film to 3 friends to watch for free.. comment if you would like to watch it as well! :)

After going down this deep rabbit hole of Sign Painting research I stumbled upon this amazing artist named Glen Weisgerber. A few videos of his work are on Youtube. Watch on to be inspired, mesmerized, and to completely forget about everything you are supposed to do (groceries, cooking, getting out of your pajamas..).

This is what I call the gateway video: not too long, mesmerizing and he makes it look so easy!

And this video is well worth the watch, despite the long 23 minutes. At the beginning I couldn't see the letters coming together.. but of course the end result was breathtaking. Check it out.

His hands are so incredibly steady.. you can tell he has had years of experience.

Also.. the feather in the hat. Amazeballs.