the 100 Day project.

Awhile ago, while browsing Instagram, I came upon the 100 Day project. It was started by The Great Discontent, a magazine based in the US and an artist named Elle Luna. The premise of the project is to choose an action, like drawing a self portrait, and doing that action for 100 days. Doing something for 100 days helps grow discipline and discipline is often lacking in the more artsy types (like me!! *raises hand*). Hehe. I chose to do 100 Days of Ink with the hashtag #thestorygirls100daysofink .

I used to think I couldn't draw to save my life. I was always envious of people who had that natural talent, could pick up a pencial and sketch a lifelike portrait without any training. I've come to realize those people are rare, and most artists become artists simply because they practice every single day! It's humbling and also so life giving to realize I *can* learn to draw and every day i put my pen to paper, I learn more.

 For my challenge, I'm doing a mix of lettering, drawing, calligraphy and watercolours! I picked a broad category so I could play around with different mediums. Lately, I'm getting to a point where I'm losing steam, I haven't been posting as regularly over the past week. :( Work has been draining me and I've been working 10-12 hour days. One problem is I leave it to the last minute every day (classic procrastinator..). I have decided to attempt to draw every morning, instead of panicking and trying to come up with something at the end of the night (when I get home at 11 PM!). Here's to discipline! *sigh*

Below is a peek at my Instagram feed! Thanks for reading and follow along with me! :)