who is the Story Girl?

 The short version?

I'm a #hamont native living abroad, coffee-lover, nomad, handlettering photographer. I see things through my camera lens, and draw those stories with my pens. Dabbling in graphic design and writing. Always on the go, somewhere in Canada at the moment. I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ. Available for freelance work, whether in photography, sign painting, chalk lettering, or graphic design.

Writing is like breathing. Journalling helps me process and reflect on my journey. I'm a big fan of Midori's Travelers Notebook.

Here's the long bio:

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Sometimes, I try to post helpful content that I've learned about my Zero Waste journey, my love/passion/obsession with handlettering, and a smattering of my photographs. But, sometimes, you're gonna get my late night rambles, deep thoughts that have percolated over a brew, and ecletic writing. Because, honestly, I'm of the blog generation. The only way I expressed my feelings when I was a young preteen was to go on Emo rants on my little blog, and obsess about the wording of my MSN tagline. Does that ring a bell for anyone else? This is my little spot to be authentically me, an oasis from a peer-pressure oversaturated world of comparison. I love story telling, in case you didn't get that from the name ;). I love a good belly laugh, a great joke that lights up everyone's eyes and cracks the tension from a room. I love deep talks about eternity, politics, and history. Mostly I love people. I love hearing stories, how someone met their spouse, or overcame a difficult time in university, or took a risk to start a new business. I love sharing stories I've heard, and sharing my own too. Story telling is innate. It's wrapped into the fabric of our DNA and very few cultures can survive without storytelling. I believe one person can make a difference. I believe that each one of us is unique, born into unique circumstances, into a unique period of time and has a unique task to fulfill. I believe we were all created by a loving, just God who didn't leave us to twiddle our thumbs but prepared task in advance for us to do. So I've launched myself onto this crazy adventure with God, and I'm glad you're here to walk along with me.

Thrilled to find an Obey Mural after hours of exploring Soho, Hong Kong.


The original Story Girl was created by L.M. Montgomery, famous for her Anne of Green Gable series. I took the name as a nod to her brilliance and to my own Canadian heritage. Much of my childhood was spent immersed in the world of Anne, Sarah Stanley, and Emily.

Currently, I'm residing in Canada for a year, but Asia is where I left my heart and I've been back and forth a bunch of times and plan to go there for the next foreseeable future. I love Korean food, can speak Mandarin and can't stop thinking about my next Banh Mi. I have a good friend who once told me, 'My love language is food' and I'm totally with her on that one (thanks Rach!). There's lots more about me, and I'll try to keep this page updated as much as possible.

Thanks for dropping in,

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