7 Things on My Mind

As we all know, the internet is a deep dark hole in which we often waste our lives away. However, some days it is a deep dark hole of awesome information. I love that I can find all kinds of information online that I wouldn't normally have access to, especially because I live in a non-English speaking country. I fully confess many hours of my life lost to research on apartment composting in November and December. However, the results were fruitful! I now have an indoor compost bin in my apartment. Thank you internet.
On my mind right now:
  • researching the SteriPen. Tap water is not drinkable where I currently live (China) so while I have a filtration system at home, it makes travel difficult as I try my best to do everything possible to avoid buying water bottles. So far I'm a big fan of what I've read about Steripens, and I'm hoping to get my hands on one soon!
  • making Strawberry Jam without pectin. Must buy lemons!
  • dreaming about a tattoo. Yea, I know I've been talking about getting one for years. We'll see. ;)
  • Embarking on a capsule wardrobe? I own few clothing anyways, so maybe I should just cap it. Also, clothing swaps are the bomb. My friend just decluttered and I inherited some great swag, including barely worn Chucks.
  • Elate Cosmetics. A small Canadian company dedicated to plastic free packaging.. excited to check it out when I return to Canada this summer! I need mascara. lol
  • I made a batch of awesome brownie balls! hahaha *immature* Heavily adapted from Erin Loechner's  Chasing Slow book which strangely enough has a smattering of recipes included. Anyways, I tried to make hers and then heavily adapted them because they tasted a little meh. Essentially: 1 1/4 c dates (soaked in advance or pour boiling water over them 5 minutes before), 1/2 c cocoa powder, 1/3 cup roughly chopped almonds, salt to taste. This didn't taste great to me, so I added around 1 cup shredded coconut and a splash of maple syrup to taste. Mash around with a fork or whatever you use to mash things. This requires a lot of patience and willpower because the dates are a bit hard to work with. Once it resembles some sort of even consistency and tastes alright, roll into balls and keep in the fridge! These are not traditional brownies.. so the first few times I ate them I had to rethink my taste buds.. but I love them so much now and am already planning to make them again. Dates are baking magic. These would also be delicious with chunks of chocolate mixed through.
  • I've watched this video at least ten times already today.