reading roundup

  • Reading Cait Flanders "The Year of Less" was a treat. Thoughtful and brutally honest, told in a way I admire immensely. The idea of completing a year of 'Buying nothing' has always appealed to me. In some sense, I'm functionally doing that, but the process of intentionally tracking it and blogging about would be even more helpful. Sidenote: it iss such a joy to read Canadian authors, I'm like "Yusssssssssss Girl!!"
  • Dwelling in the ancient book of Psalms, ruminating over it. It's been so incredibly rich for my soul.
  • This blog post was a random find, but incredibly well written and powerful. Makes me both hesistant and inspired to type something and send it out into the world. The power of remembering.. (

Hoping to get more reading done this month. I feel I've been in a sort of Tornado season, running to and fro, busy from morning to evening. Now the storm has passed and I don't want to let myself get so insanely busy again.
Have a wonderful day.. I'm working on my Istanbul pictures, hope to post them soon!