thin slices of joy no. 1

a series I'm starting where I post things that have made my happy this week, hoping it can bring you some joy in the mundane. inspired by this blogger's series called Things that are saving my life right now.

This post on Cup of Jo about money.. incredible sharing and storytelling in the comments section

Also, been reading through Luke and thinking about money, how I deal with money, frugality and generosity.. Jesus' teachings are not easy to follow but amazing and challenging.

Discovering new artists and being creatively inspired!
Stefan Kunz Youtube channel has some great tips for lettering and composition
Peter Mckinnon's Youtube videos are informative as heck.

Molly Jacques sharing about her secret super power.. (she gets vulnerable!)

Mimi Chao just released her new Skillshare course, it's free this week only (after that you need Skillshare premium subscription). Her style is whimsical and full of magic.

Has anyone read this series? I love me a good mystery series and just discovered this one.. excitedly waiting for my digital hold to come through (yay free books!)

have a wonderful weekend,